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Halloween story: The Ghoulbird

The Ghoulbird by Claude Seignolle (a vintage quiet horror story) evokes the power of nature and dread. I just finished reading this classic short story, and it’s perfect for Halloween.

Picture this. You are visiting the Manor of Guernipin, the French countryside, dining on truffled confit of duck and Reuilly wine by the crackle of the fire with your old friend. The crumbling-faced house servant, Sylvain, informs you of the legend of the Ghoulbird, “a winged creature that lures the naive to utter horror.” This bird is known to haunt the famous Gobble-Ox Marsh not far from the manor.

The sliver needle of the moon, gray mists, nightmares in the attic bedroom, and the Ghoulbird’s curse.

Are you seized with curiosity? You can read this story in The Weird:

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