The Dazzling Darkness Wins Book Cover Award

Book designer GINA CASEY wins  Joel Friedlander’s Book Cover Design Competition for her design of  The Dazzling Darkness. Please take a look at Friedlander’s web site and join this celebration by leaving a comment for Gina Casey at bottom of site.




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2 responses to “The Dazzling Darkness Wins Book Cover Award

  1. Thank you, mnleona. The design cover was quite challenging because for the story, which has a number of mysterious events, I wanted to retain the mystery on the cover and yet still wanted to give the potential readers something to grab onto and invite them into the book. Gina Casey really captured that moment with the clouded sky effect as if there’s something there but you really can’t see it. When I first saw the cover, I moved in close wondering … is there a face happening there? And of course, that darkly branched tree really anchors the eye suggesting there is something rooted (buried) in this story. Gina Casey also did my other novel’s cover, Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the Supernatural.


  2. I do like this cover.


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