A Slimy Little Horror

The Business of Madame Jahn   by Vincent O’ Sullivan  (1896)

Tuesday’s Tale of Terror  December 10, 2013

Gustave Herbout is swinging by his neck from his Paris bedroom ceiling.

shady-faces-tmbWas life so bad for Gustave with so much leisure time in the French cafes and with his mademoiselle, a dancer, to charm his evenings, or his strolls along the Boulevard des Capucines? Gustave will inherit a great deal of wealth from his Aunt Jahn as well as her house and her little shop that maintains a sturdy income. Auntie Jahn, a sweet, petty and annoying old woman!


This story is a slimy little horror that takes place in glittering Paris.  Stay with Gustave … there is a wicked little murder about to happen.  It is curious what drives a soul to suicide, yes? Madame Jahn is  a story of evil wit you won’t want to miss.


Vincent O’ Sullivan (friend of Oscar Wilde) is an author that no one reads anymore. He is considered to be a fallen master of the macabre. His writing is quite vivid; you can almost smell his characters. His “When I was Dead” is another very short read that hits with a shiver and is the most anthologized of all his work; and after reading it I can understand why. If you like his work, his best shorts are in the Book of Bargains, a collection of his short stories: The Bargain of Rupert Orange, My Enemy and Myself,  A Study in Murder, Original Sin, When I Was Dead, Hugo Raven’s Hand. 

Please drop me a comment if  Vincent O’ Sullivan is a new author to you. I’m curious to know how many horror fans know his work.

Read the full text of The Business of Madame Jahn at Gaslight

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3 responses to “A Slimy Little Horror

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  2. Hi Jay: No, I don’t know Melmoth the Wanderer. Dorian Gray is one of my favorites too. Wilde wrote The Sphinx, more of that literary Decadence we see in O’Sullivan, except The Sphinx is in verse. A bit difficult to understand, heavy with baroque, and truly Wilde at is wildest.


  3. Jay

    Hi Paula,
    I don’t think I’ve read O’Sullivan before, unless I did in a “drive by” read as part of an anthology. Interesting that he was friends with Wilde. Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is one of my all-time favorites. Are you familiar with Robert Maturin’s “Melmoth the Wanderer” – a novel that Wilde championed? Wilde even took Melmoth as an alias at one point if I remember correctly.

    I’ll save a spot for O’Sullivan in my 2014 short story “Deal Me In” project.


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