Faces Thinned In Shadows

The Stolen Body   by H.G. Wells (1898)

Tuesday’s Tale of Terror   May 6, 2014




Astral projection, apparitions, self-hypnosis, psychical research, thought transference, dreams, and the mysteries of the pineal eye. Do you believe in the science of the body? Time travel? These days we might think of laser lights, atomic particles, frame dragging, time loops. So, what about the science of the astral body? gyroscope2Do you think that the astral body can travel to other realms?

Our characters, scientific investigator Mr. Bessel and his associate Mr. Vincey engage in an exploration into the supernatural powers of the mind and the paranormal elements of outer realms.

Mr. Bessel is on a mission to project his own apparition to Mr. Vincey at a distant location. The first attempt fails. Well, or course, we expected that. But subsequent attempts prove worthy when Mr. Bessel goes missing. Scotland Yard is summoned. However, this fails as well.


When Mrs. Bullock, the medium, is summoned a séance is held.



Let me just say one more thing …

Mr. Bessel finds himself trapped in a cloud of the evil spirit world that is void of all sound. He discovers faces in thinned shadows with frenzied clutching hands. Do you think Bessel’s exploration might be a success? Think again.


H.G. Wells conjures an amazing story that has exceptional effects while listening to the audio format. HG-Wells-001

This story, or should I say “report” is perfect for a read-aloud. The narrative has a subtle clinical aspect, which make for chilling fiction.

Listen to the YouTube audio (wonderful!) at Chapter Vox

Read the full text at OnlineLiterature



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4 responses to “Faces Thinned In Shadows

  1. M.D.

    Thanks for the audio link. I tried it and, unlike the first audio I listened to a while back, was able to follow the story with ease. I expect it has something to do with the speed at which the story is read. It still is somewhat strange compared to reading from a book.


    • M.D., yes, audio is quite different from reading, but this story lends itself beautifully to the ear. HG Wells’ narrative is really high quality so audio is really a treat. And the reader has an inviting voice with a somewhat mesmerizing effect.


  2. Jay

    Hi Paula,
    I consider myself an H.G. Wells fan, reading many of his short stories and all his most well-known novels (not to mention some obscure ones – “Tono-Bungay”, or “The Days of the Comet” anyone?) but haven’t read this one. I look forward to exploring it – maybe I’ll plug into the audio youtube version this afternoon at work? (heh heh).

    Wells is a truly interesting character. I spent a month once reading through his massive “Experiment in Autobiography” and even have his “History of the World” which begins with his explaining the beginnings of the solar system and planet itself (!). The story you describe reminds me a little bit of his story “The Remarkable Case of Davidson’s Eyes” (or something like that). The character is seeing the landscape on the other side of the world through his own eyes, as if an astral-projection of himself is there while he remains “here.” Some parapsychologists consider this one of the first appearances of the “remote viewing” pheonomenon in literature.



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