Devil in a Teapot

The Brass Teapot   by Tim Macy (2007)

Tuesday’s Tale of Terror   September 30, 2014


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Are you attracted to mysterious objects of doom? Cursed pens, haunted vases, psychic jewelry, evil portraits, poppets, mummy icons? Teapots are famous for having tempests.



Tim Macy’s (a Kansas City contemporary writer) The Brass Teapot is a haunted story and perfect as we enter the Halloween season. Alice and John are traveling back from visiting their daughter in college and during their rest stop they come upon an old woman of Eastern culture who is wearing leather pants and her black toes poke out. Maybe she’s a witch? Without a single word, she shoves a teapot into Alice’s hands. Alice takes the teapot home and life changes dramatically for the couple. Unusual action begins to happen to this couple who are struggling to meet their finances and maintain their marriage.








This bras teapot might very well be haunted. More likely, this teapot possesses a magick power that leads Alice and John to rather violent if not profitable ends.


Read The Brass Teapot at EastOfTheWeb

I can also recommend critically acclaimed author Terry M. West’s The Giving of Things Cold and Cursed, which is a very short fiction (Kindle Single) about a parapsychologist with a Black Room of things cold and cursed. The story hinges on what is absent to the eye and yet present in the soul. 99cents  Available on



For a CLASSIC tale of cursed objects, nothing beats W.W. Jacobs’ The Monkey’s Paw,. Also Arthur Conan Doyles’ The Leather Funnel, both reads here at Tales of Terror.


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