Do you like 100-Word Flash Fiction?

Some of you may remember that I entered a 100-word short story competition for horror at Horror Novel Reviews. While my story did make the top ten finalists, it did not win. As I am always happy to connect readers to new contemporary talent, I am  pleased to present to you the winner, Ross Baxter’s Body Art. Congratulations to Ross!

Body Art

by Ross Baxter

After seven solid hours of drinking Emma finally had enough courage to get the tattoo she’d always wanted. The other girls cheered as she staggered from the bar, happy she would have a lasting reminder of the hen party.

“You can be as creative as you like,” she babbled to the proprietor of the backstreet shop as he silently led her into the dark musty basement. “Just make sure it doesn’t hurt.”

In her drunken haze she didn’t worry when the old man strapped her into the chair. It was when he started the chainsaw that she started to panic.


ross-baxterIf you are interested in reading more of Ross Baxter’s short fiction, you can visit his web site at .  Ross’ work has been published  by a number of publishing houses in the US and the UK such as Bonté Review, Romantic Ruckus Anthology, Cover of Darkness magazine, and others.



AND … just in case you missed my 100-word shortie published with the ten finalists on Horror Novel Reviews, here it is again.



by Paula Cappa

© copyright




The ninth hour. Julietta carried her violin up the darkened stone bridge. “I seek glorious Varlok, the blind angel of the ninth chorus.”

She played her sulky étude to the vale of sky, squeaking such discord she feared the music angel would flee. “Dearest Varlok, I give you my perfect eyes. Please grant me your immortal sonatas.”

The black falcon flew the Dusha River. He pecked her eyes, releasing glittering harmonies. Julietta breathed in the triumphant notes, grew dizzy, splashing into the river like a coin. Varlok soared the stars, consuming her lustful soul like a tasty fish.



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