Elisabeth Zguta’s Review of GREYLOCK

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Authors would be nowhere without skilled and professional reviewers, especially ones who know how to park their egos in a back lot and be fair and honest. Generally, book reviewers are a mix of published authors, librarians, academics, and a glut of graduate students.


Here’s author Elisabeth Zguta’s review of GREYLOCK. Zguta writes stories of paranormal mystery thrillers sprinkled with history and romance.  She  grew up in New England, not far from Mt. Greylock. Her novels Breaking Cursed Bonds  and Exposing Secret Sins are part of her Curses and Secrets series on Amazon. Highly recommended. I am honored to have her review.

Zguta’s author page on Amazon. Visit her website http://ezindiepublishing.com/

Zguta’s post on “Developing Characters in Fiction” is one most writers won’t want to miss.



“Greylock’s unique horror style, explores the deep currents of human emotion and compulsion. Like in a Grimm tale, basic life lessons are fleshed out using surprising twists. How far should one go to pursue a dream? An individual’s definition of true happiness, acceptable behavior for the good of society, is explored using classic Goth style with an added modern flair.

“Paula Cappa merges old tales of Siberian witches and the other side of life’s river’s flow, with nature’s inexplicable wonders—the music of whales. Bleak settings at the fringe of nature—the eerie woods of Mount Greylock, and the frigid White Sea, keep the story’s tone of horror well defined. Bold characters, larger than life with the loftiest of dreams, lead the reader to jagged truths about humanity.

“The author draws the reader into the music world of Alexei Georg, a classical modern composer, who was born into a family with generations of musical history. Old family secrets are the tip of the iceberg. Alexei must dive in deep, not only with whales to write his composition, but also deep into the story behind his most successful piece of music to date. Alexei must choose the kind of person he wants to be.

“The protagonist [Alexei] loves Raymond Chandler’s character, Marlowe, which serves as a great correlation. The author also sprinkles in literary quotes and music, which keep the musical tone of the story floating throughout, like a refined brush stroke.

“The romance that develops between Alexei and Lia also sets a heated stage. Other relationships are also developed, and each character faces some sort of pivot and must choose their fate. Alexei, and his family and friends, each grow or change by the end. This is an excellent, moving story. Bravo!”  —Elisabeth Zguta.



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  1. Thanks Paula. You wrote a wonderful tale which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing. Keep writing!

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