Romantic Horror: Poe’s Lady Ligeia

Ligeia  by Edgar Allan Poe  (1839)

Tuesday’s Tale of Terror  October 27, 2015




Who doesn’t love a romance with twists of horror? Especially during the Halloween reading season. The opening epigraph of this short story is a reference to the will of death vs. the will to live. In this tale, one of Poe’s less popular ones, our narrator lives in a decaying city near the Rhine. He lives there with the love of his life, Ligeia. She is of the highest beauty and with a gentle soul … “She came and departed as a shadow …sweet voiced …. with the radiance of an opium dream, airy and spirit-lifting.”


Ligeia grows ill and death becomes her. Feeling utterly abandoned, our narrator remarries Lady Rowena and they live in an old abbey … until Rowena grows ill.


“The greater part of the fearful night had worn away, and she who had been dead, once again stirred …”



Poe, a master of prose, writes this story with its own beauty and suspense. At the literal level, there’s a blending of the supernatural with the psychological. For me, I fell I love with the phantasmagoric elements of the story because it arouses an intense horror. Who can resist the fetters of death? You decide, is this a love story or a horror story?Carling_the_raven_04wikicommons

Read Ligeia at

Listen to the audio, narrated by Vincent Price on


And no Halloween is complete without Poe’s The Raven. Listen to James Earl Jones narrate it here with music and a portfolio of images:




















Images from Wiki Commons and The Illustrated Poe.

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  4. Poe is a great author to explore quality prose and vivid imagery. I find listening to Poe’s work most inspiring. Wishing your son an exciting journey ahead!


  5. My son, a jr. in high school, is just becoming acquainted with Poe – The Raven – and is really enjoying his writing. Here I thought he’d just read graphic comics for the rest of his life!

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