Hunting for Smee in the Dark

Smee   by A. M. Burrage (1900s)

Tuesday’s Tale of Terror,  January 12, 2015




Picture this, if you will. The wind-blown English countryside. A peaked house with glossy windows. A party of twelve. You enter. Inside you see passages winding in darkness. The guests speak of hidden staircases. Most guests prefer to sit by the fire and play a friendly game of cards. This night, they decide to play a different kind of game. Hide and seek … in the dark.


The game is called “Smee.” The person who is “it” is Smee. Everybody hides. The hunt begins. But you don’t know who Smee is. And Smee is a game of silence. So, even if you find Smee, he or she can’t tell you. Unless … the ghost says “It’s me.”



This ghost story has a chilling feel to it. I especially liked the audio as it gave me an old-fashioned story-telling atmosphere. Turn out the lights and listen to A.M. Burrage’s most famous ghost story.

Read it at

Listen to the audio of Smee, narrated by David Lewis Richardson on




Alfred McLelland Burrage (1889 – 1956), a British writer of speculative fiction and ghost stories wrote two novels: Seeker to the Dead and Don’t Break the Seal. You can find more of his titles at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database.









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2 responses to “Hunting for Smee in the Dark

  1. It’s really a fun story and just enough chill to leave the reader spooked.


  2. Sounds like it would be perfect for Halloween night – or any night!

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