Stephen King Fans. Rankings From the Worst to the First

Wednesday, January 13, 2015

Many here at Reading Fiction Tales of Terror Blog are Stephen King fans, so I’m sharing a blog post from Horror Novel Reviews.  How would you rank his novels from the worst to the first, 50 to No. 1? Take a look at this fun video (6 minutes) on Horror Novel Reviews.

For myself, I’m not an avid King fan. To be honest, I think he overwrites his prose, but his early novels were far better structured than his later ones. I will say that King is certainly a master at creating stories with high suspense. I did love The Shining and The Dead Zone.

At the moment I am reading King’s On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft. Watch for my book review next month.

For now, hop over to Horror Novel Reviews blog at this link below, and see if you agree which novels are the top five.





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9 responses to “Stephen King Fans. Rankings From the Worst to the First

  1. I think King is better at short stories than novels. He’s forced to be more succinct and disciplined and as a result, his short stories pack more of a punch, imo. I really like “The Monkey” and “1408.”

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  2. Agree entirely about King’s early vs late works. ‘The Shining’ is a very good book and a less good film. Quite liked the idea behind ‘The Dark Half’, but not the execution. I could go on…and on…

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  4. I agree – liked his earlier books better. The Stand is still my fav. On Writing was a real eye-opener for me – invaluable info.

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  5. I have King’s On Writing; it’s both really useful for us writers of fiction and very inspiring. Let alone motivating. I’ve read it twice at least. As for his fiction: I can get into some of his short stories, and plan on reading his earlier stuff like Carrie and Salem’s Lot because I’ve understood them to be better than his later works. I read The Shining and really enjoyed it (and saw and really enjoyed the (Kubrick) movie too), but I saw some of that over-written prose you were talking about and so thought the writing could be better. But if nothing more, King really does know what good writing is and so teaches it great in his On Writing.

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    • Good to hear your thoughts, Steven. Thank you for posting. I’m diving into On Writing this week. I’m actually thinking of rereading Salem’s Lot. I’m not much for vampire stories but I read it so long ago and I think I can appreciate it more now.


  6. Okay. Not fun for you. Maureen? Thank you for your thoughts on this.


  7. I am sorry I really can’t say, I can’t get into his. Oops so stopped trying, like when they are turned into movies, which is strange as I always much prefer the books.m


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