Guessing in the Dark: Lord Peter Wimsey Murder Mystery

The Unsolved Puzzle of the Man With No Face   by Dorothy Sayers (1928)

 Tuesday’s Tale of Terror  July 19, 2016



When was the last time you read an English murder mystery, a jazzy little puzzle, in the suspense style of Agatha Christie? Have you read any of the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries? He is known as a bon vivant sleuth.


The Unsolved Puzzle of the Man With No Face is not a cozy mystery where a body is found shot in the library. We have a man at the beach, in a swim suit, strangled to death and only one set of footprints, which is determined to be the bare prints of the victim. And his face has been ripped to shreds. Hmmmm….

This case is perfect for the aristocratic detective Lord Wimsey.







Dorothy Sayers, well known as one of the writers of the Golden Age of detective fiction, was a British playwright and scholar, and a good friend of Agatha Christie. She characterized mystery writing as  ”literature of escape.”


Read the short story here at .





Watch a video of Lord Wimsey murder mystery clip. Lord Peter Wimsey was played by Edward Petherbridge, Have His Carcase: A man is found on the beach with his throat cut. And a very pretty lady finds him, Miss Harriet Vane, romantic interest of Lord Peter Wimsey.  Watch it here on (15 minutes) :


Do you have a favorite detective novel?

Favorite murder mystery puzzle that you would like to recommend?

Please feel free to comment!




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2 responses to “Guessing in the Dark: Lord Peter Wimsey Murder Mystery

  1. Jay

    If enjoyed my (thus far) limited forays into reading Sayers. One of my book clubs also read Agatha Christie this month, which has got me thinking more about reading mysteries. Maybe time for some more Sayers? 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I love mysteries. Here’s what Joyce Carol Oates has to say about Dorothy Sayers: “Lord Peter is a tour de force, superior to the tricky plots his creator has stuck him in; unlike most series detectives in what might be called the crossword-puzzle mode, of which Sayers is a master.” Thanks for commenting, Jay.

      Liked by 1 person

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