Author of the Week, Vera Brittain, December 29, 2020

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Going forward into 2021, as readers let’s explore famous authors, both classic and contemporary. Once a week I will post  an Author of the Week and a quotation. Finding new authors and new books can be exciting and informative and I love doing the research. Here is my first Author of the Week. Do let me know if you like this addition to my blog.




“Politics is the executive expression of human immaturity.”


Her best-selling 1933 memoir, Testament of Youth, about WWI became a film.


Vera Brittain (1893-1970) documented her experiences as a nurse, in her autobiographical account “Testament of Youth.” She describes how the young nurses worked long hours, in poor conditions. Despite the privations, Vera recounts how she engaged in her duties with great enthusiasm.


Visit Vera Brittain page:

Watch the trailer for the film


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3 responses to “Author of the Week, Vera Brittain, December 29, 2020

  1. I like this, but a quick note: Testament of Youth was a memoir, not an autobiography or a novel. Quick fix!

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    • Thanks, Gabi for the comment here. I guess I should refer to it as a war memoir and “autobiographical account” as a New York Times reviewer did to be completely accurate. In some reviews I’ve read the film is referred to as a novelization of her memoir because of the many dramatic liberties that strayed from her account. I’ve not seen the film … yet! On my list to read this book. It sounds amazing!

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