Author of the Week, Patrick McGrath, Feb. 8

AUTHOR OF THE WEEK   February 8, 2021


Patrick McGrath




“It has seemed to me that for a long time the writer and the psychiatrist have been up to very similar things in terms of the exploration of human dysfunction. The writer wants to create forms of entertainment and to give pleasure, the psychiatrist is engaged in a therapeutic task. But we are both essentially engaged in the exploration of human nature.”


“Houses, I have come to believe, like love, like nature herself, should not reassure, should not attempt to soothe, or give comfort, but should, rather, excite.”


Patrick McGrath (born February 1950) is the author of several modern Gothic novels, including Asylum and Spider, and two collections of stories. He lives in New York, where he is on the writing faculties of the New School and Princeton University.



Listen to an interview (8 minutes) at “Don’t Lecture Me” about his book Trauma 


Readers, if you are like me, a lover (and a writer too) of Gothic novels and especially ghost stories, you might enjoy reading Patrick McGrath’s stories. Gothic novels allow us to explore deep into the imagination in  worlds beyond the norm with a dash of horror, romance, and sometimes curses and madness. What fun!




View more of his books on Amazon, on Patrick McGrath’s profile page;


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