Author of the Week, Lucinda Riley, Feb. 15

AUTHOR OF THE WEEK    February 15, 2021


Lucinda Riley

International No. 1 Best Selling Author


I believe that our lives, just like fairly tales—the stories that have been written by us humans, through our own experiences of living—will always have a hero and a heroine, a fairy godmother and a wicked witch.”


Spirits, ghosts, angels … whichever you wish to call them—Reader, they do exist. I’ve seem them all my life, but I’ve learned to say nothing. And for all you cynics out there, just remember, there is no proof either way. So I choose to believe. In my opinion, it’s much the best option.”


Lucinda Riley (born February 1965) is the New York Times bestselling author of over twenty novels (historical, romantic, and family fiction), including The Orchid HouseThe Girl on the Cliff, and the Seven Sisters series. Her books have sold twenty million copies in thirty-five languages globally. She was born in Ireland and divides her time between England and West Cork with her husband and four children. Visit her online at  Simon & Schuster.





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2 responses to “Author of the Week, Lucinda Riley, Feb. 15

  1. Hi Cynthia, I’ve not read her books, but read several of the openings on Amazon to get a sense of her work. Her style is very attractive and I am looking forward to trying her out. The Light Behind the Window takes place in France. You might like that one.


  2. Cynthia Wetzler

    Hi Paula Have you read any of her books recently? I love the fairy tale aspect.

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