Wild Darkness, a Short Story, Kindle Single

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Quick note to let you know my short story Wild Darkness is now a Kindle Single on Amazon.com.

Agatha Ashfield, a wise woman in her late years, has long been fascinated by the power of Nature. She meets a ghost called Falling Water who dwells beneath the hickory trees by Mohawk River. As Agatha seeks her destiny, she struggles to overcome fears of her impending death, find a way to trust goodness, the power of Nature, and release her everlasting consciousness. This is a short tale of mystery, love, passion, and spirituality. If you enjoy exploring the spiritual world and its realms, you will enjoy entering Agatha’s mysterious Wild Darkness.

“Fluent, descriptive, mysterious, and yes, at times creepy, it is an unusual ghost story.” Andrew M. Seddon, author of What Darkness Remains.

Wild Darkness was originally published at literary journal ParABnormal in March 2020.


Stop by to read more reviews!  Just released this month.



Wild Darkness … the force of nature, the force of death, the force of consciousness. A short story of Agatha Ashfield who explores the spiritual realms of ghosts. Come meet Falling Water, the ghost beneath the hickory trees on Mohawk River.

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2 responses to “Wild Darkness, a Short Story, Kindle Single

  1. I’m excited to read your story, just picked it up!


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