Sky Wolf, Supernatural Fantasy


My latest fiction, a supernatural fantasy (adult fairy tale) Sky Wolf  is in the current issue of The Lorelei Signal Magazine by Wolf Singer Book Publications. Sky Wolf is a novelette (45-minute read).

(Art by Lee Ann Barlow)


In the kingdom of Iceleea, the king has no queen, no heir to his throne. Until he meets the Queen of Witches, the wicked Hekate who is reputed to be a three-headed monster, known to travel the underworld of the dead, casting her ghostly spells on earthly victims. Yet, Hekate promises the king a shining beauty—an enchanting and stunning young woman to rule next to him on the throne. But the king must make his promises to Hekate as well. So the bargaining begins. When the mysterious young woman arrives by the magick of the yew tree, she is riding a white wolf. What secret powers does she bring from her realm? Who is this woman and why is there the tail of a dragon burned into her back? This is a supernatural mystery with witches, magick, and the power of the white wolf in a land of myth and fantasy.

To read this story FREE (45-minute read), copy and paste this link into your browser search window and access the story directly.

Feel free to click the LIKE button at the end of the story.
Or you can use the link below to the Lorelei Signal Magazine main page, click the cover image of the dragon, then on the main page click Current Issue and scroll down to Sky Wolf.
Come to Iceleea!
I would love to hear your comments! If you read the story, do send me a blurb of your reaction (two or three sentences will do). I’m looking for endorsements, so don’t be shy. You can send it via my contact page in the tab above or post in the comments. Many thanks to all my readers here and to all the authors and writers who follow me on all my social media.
Your support is a blessing I treasure every day.


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5 responses to “Sky Wolf, Supernatural Fantasy

  1. Ms. Cappa’s style has a luminescent sheen about it, that carries you away, but more importantly, carries you INTO the content. This unique fairy tale is a melodic drink of something silky and warm, and will be the best short read you’ve had in a while. Personally, I think it could make a compelling and dramatic stage play. PS- I’d marry the King!!

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  2. I enjoyed this story! Maybe you could use this:
    With “Sky Wolf,” Cappa has penned a fantasy tale of wolves and kings, trees and stars, and most of all, loneliness and love. It’s a fabulous read, highly recommended!

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  3. Cynthia Wetzler

    Hi This is soooo exciting Paula!! I wrote a comment and read the story

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