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Ghostly and Mournful Mists

The Voice in the Night  by William Hope Hodgson (1907)

Tuesday’s Tale of Terror    April 28, 2015

“It was a dark, starless night. We were becalmed in the Northern Pacific.”


So opens this sea adventure into a lurking and mysterious world. We have two sailors in a schooner in the Pacific. It’s dark and misty and they are unsure of their position. A singular voice—inhuman but throaty—comes across the sea. Poor soul, is he shipwrecked and starving? That may be true and much more as unknown forces descend and this nautical yarn unravels. What greater horror is there than to be stranded in the dark ocean with weird powers lurking? This atmospheric tale was adapted into a 1963 film (The Attack of the Mushroom People) and was an episode in the TV series Suspicion in 1958. The story originally appeared in The Blue Book Magazine in 1907.







William  Hope Hodgson is considered to be the famous but forgotten master of cosmic horror.  He is well known for his occult detective Thomas Carnacki in the novel The Whistling Room, and for numerous stories of weird, fantastic, and science fiction. H.P. Lovecraft said that Hodgson “was second only to Algernon Blackwood in his serious treatment of unreality.”

Are you a fan of the unreality?blue_book_1907-11-redux




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Ghost Moons and Phantom Ships

Ghost Moons and Phantom Ships

Tuesday’s Tales of Terror   July 15, 2014


The ghost moon is when phantom ships are said to appear. I love haunted tales of the sea, ghost ships, and sea superstitions (don’t kill an albatross as they carry the souls of dead sailors; whistling and flowers onboard are bad luck). Ghost ships are said to haunt the oceans even today. There are plenty of real stories or legends that come to mind: The Flying Dutchman of the 1700s; Greenland’s Octavius, the English Schooner Jenny in 1823, France’s Zebrina in 1917, Mary Celeste in 1872.

One of my favorite true ghost ship stories is the Russian Ivan Vassili (1897).

“Everything was business as usual as the ship left the port (Africa) and took to sea, but the crew suddenly felt that a presence was on board.  Something just didn’t feel right.  No one knew exactly what the presence was, but everyone was certain that some sort of invisible entity was among them.  When it was near, the men felt that something was watching them, and they would feel a sudden chill in the air.” images

One night before the change of watch, the men on deck saw the apparition.  It looked human, but its features were impossible to make out.  It was misty, glowing, and luminous as it strolled across the deck and disappeared behind a lifeboat.”






In literature, what are some supernatural short stories of the sea for your summer reading?




Three Skeleton Key by George G. Toudouze (1937). This is a story of an abandoned ship, overrun by ferocious rats.



You can download the PDF at

Here is a fabulous audio version of Three Skeleton Key by Larry Santoro at his Tales To Terrify. (Includes the radio play by Vincent Price from 1950 “Escapes”.images-4)




images-2The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton (1912) is one of the most famous short stories. This is a humorous tale that takes place in the tiny village of Fairfield when a ghost-ship appears to have sailed into a field of turnips.

“I thought it was queer when I saw a drowned sailor float by in the thin air with his hair and beard all full of bubbles. It was the first time I had seen anything quite like that at Fairfield.”



Read it here at

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Of course, there is the poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge and Poe’s short story Descent into the Maelstrom.



If you have any favorite supernatural sea stories, please post. I would love to hear about more titles.


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