Greylock, A Supernatural Mystery


Gold Medal Winner, 2022 Global Book Awards.
Chanticleer Book Award Winner, 2015, First Place.
Best Book Award Finalist, 2017, by American Book Fest.



Murder. Music. Mystery.

Pianist Alexei Georg discovers an old sonata in a Russian sea chest. When he plays this music, a creature of darkness appears in the audience, in the aisle, and on the stage with him. This is no ghost. This menacing presence haunts Alexei relentlessly. From Boston’s music society to the White Sea in Russia to Mt. Greylock.

When Alexei’s wife Carole Anne, a prima ballerina, is murdered, Alexei flees Boston and the suspicion of the crime. His affair with the steamy and delicious Lia Marrs adds to the motive. Secluded on Mt. Greylock, Alexei is driven to compose a whale symphony to save his music career. But Alexei cannot flee the unstoppable sonata that he has delivered into this world. Alone on Mt. Greylock, he must find a way to halt the dark force within his music or become prisoner to its phantasmagoric power in an ever-expanding abyss.

Do you believe music has supernatural powers? Ask violinists Paganini or Tartini about their deals with the devil for their virtuosity. Come to Mt. Greylock and meet Alexei Georg and his music phantom.

Greylock is a murder mystery flavored with supernatural elements, by the author of the international award-winning The Dazzling Darkness, an Amazon Kindle 17-week best-selling ghost story. Paula Cappa is the recipient of an Eric Hoffer Book Award, the Readers’ Favorite International Bronze Medal for supernatural suspense, and a Gothic Readers Book Club Award Winner for Outstanding Fiction.


Best Book Award Finalist 2017 from American Book Fest.

A Chanticleer Book Award Winner 2015.





“In Greylock, Paula Cappa has written a smart, entertaining supernatural thriller, in which a composer with a damning secret battles a ballerina scorned, while an embittered messenger from the Otherworld demands to be heard. Think Stephen King meets Raymond Chandler with a score by Tchaikovsky. The author’s passion for both the arts and the natural world shines through on every page, while a mysterious composition from old Russia, combined with the majestic songs of the Beluga whale, form the thematic backdrop of the story. Briskly paced and yet lovingly detailed, this novel was a genuine pleasure to read.” —David Corbett, award-winning and best-selling author of The Mercy of the Night.

“Echoing notes of Phantom of the Opera, mixed with Raymond Chandler’s Marlowe, and Peter Straub’s Ghost StoryGreylock is a thrilling musical tragedy steeped in lore, mythology, and the madness of composition, leading to a crescendo of epic proportions. Paula Cappa is a gifted author, and this book will have you swooning in the aisles.” —Richard Thomas, author of Disintegration.

“Tchaikovsky meets The Shining in Gothic Readers Award winner Paula Cappa’s newest supernatural thriller – an intricate symphony of music, madness and murder. If you’re looking for an imaginative, sophisticated read, you’ve found it. Five stars.” —Michael Schmicker, best-selling author of The Witch of Napoli.

Greylock exposes the deep currents of the human compulsion for success. Bold characters with the loftiest of dreams, placed in bleak surroundings at the fringe of nature, lead the reader to jagged truths. Using classic Goth style with modern twists, Paula Cappa merges old tales with nature’s wonders and music.” —Elisabeth Zguta, author of Breaking Cursed Bonds.

“Paula Cappa’s prose is highly engaging, and her words are elegant, rich and purposeful. Her work always feels perfectly balanced and constructed. She is simply one of the best in the horror fiction business.” —Terry M. West, author of The Night Is Long and Cold and Deep.

“Rarely have I come across such an original and well-written story. A unique, expertly written mix of genres that makes for a haunting book.” —Nicholas Rossis, award-winning author of Pearseus.

“This is a tale that goes beyond entertainment. It lingers in your mind long after you’ve finished it, a story not to be forgotten. It will haunt your psyche. A marvel.”  Horror Novel Reviews, Wesley Thomas, best-selling horror author, The Darkness Waits; Terror Train. 

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And for your listening enjoyment, from Chapter 26 of GREYLOCK,

Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Music for the entrance of a phantom.“>


Visit this YOU TUBE presentation (2 minutes) of Greylock  at a book signing event in Arrowhead, Massachusetts, at the homestead of Herman Melville. This is a brief reading about Giuseppe Tartini’s The Devil’s Trill, a significant element in Greylock.