Night Sea Journey



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Silver Medal at Global Book Awards, 2021.

An Eric Hoffer Book Award Winner, 2015.


U.S. Review of Books: “Stunning and absorbing plot on par with–if not better than–a Dan Brown novel.”









Perfect for supernatural thriller fans. Beautiful. Seductive. Wild. Kip Livingston, an artist living on Horn Island, is struggling with the powers of a dark invader haunting her dreams. Every night this winged creature chases her deeper to the bottom of the ocean. But waking up doesn’t destroy the dream, or the creature. The entity is always near. Desperate for help, she turns to the charming Raymond Kera, a man fighting his own demons. When Raymond is drawn into Kip’s night sea journeys, her nightmare becomes his own. Can he save Kip when he learns there is only one way out of the dream? Angels and demons, psychological and spiritual twists, murder and romance make this mysterious adventure a gripping fast read.

From the author of the Amazon Kindle best-selling ghost story The Dazzling Darkness, a Readers’ Favorite International Bronze Medal Winner, 2014. Paula Cappa is the recipient of  the Gold Medal from Global Book Awards, 2022, Chanticleer Book Award, and the prestigious Eric Hoffer Book Award for her novel Greylock.  Also awards from Readers’ Favorite International Bronze Medal for Supernatural Suspense, and a Gothic Readers Book Club Award Winner in Outstanding Fiction for her novel The Dazzling Darkness.

Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer Gives 5 STARS to Paula Cappa. “A talent that will draw even those who are not keen on supernatural stories into her fold.”


Eric-Hoffer-Award-SealEric Hoffer Book Awards has named Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the Supernatural as a Finalist in their Grand Prize Competition, and, placed as a Winner in Commercial Fiction, 2015.  More info here.

“This romantic fantasy is propelled by gorgeous language and imagery. In the gothic world of this novel, dreams bleed into reality, as protagonists Kip Livingston, a painter, and Raymond Kera and Father Garcia, two Roman Catholic priests are drawn into a clash between the angels and demons of Hebrew mythology. Each of these characters has visions—either nightmarish or heavenly—which seem to graft themselves into their waking lives. The grime of inner city Chicago, the tranquility of the Rhode Island coastline, and the depths of a phantasmagoric ocean are the stages for this conflict, which is as much about finding inner forgiveness as it is about finding outward peace.”


U.S. Review of Books

“Stunning and absorbing plot on par with—if not better than—a Dan Brown novel. Truly an outstanding read. Night Sea Journey is one book that is hard to put down!” Recommended. More here at USR of Books.


San Francisco Book Review ★★★★★

“Kip has nightmares that would institutionalize most. In fact, her shrink thinks she is hallucinating. Her nightmares are real though: each nightmare brings forth real creatures trying to kill her and ends with their death at her hands, with their corpses buried in the dunes and surrounding area. Night Sea Journey is like reading a Dan Brown book with a wicked twist: it has real demons. Readers will be taken on a continual thrill ride. The story itself is excellent and impossible to put down; it is a fast-paced thriller where reality is blurred and faith is tested, guaranteeing to keep you enthralled until the very last word. There is definitely re-readability with Night Sea Journey that you will want to discover for yourself.”

Readers’ Favorite Reviews ★★★★★ “Marvelous, atmospheric and, oh, so very, very good. Profound, vibrant, and intensely moving. Highly recommended. Brava!” ★★★★★ “Definitely a page turner where I did not want to put the book down. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a great read, great writer, awesome detailed characters, demons, angels.” ★★★★ “A suspenseful, romantic, mystical tale … Cappa’s superior writing skills, her ability to write this particular story to be so profound and thorough was perhaps one of the most impressive thing about the book.” “Beautifully told. Cappa is a skilled writer producing beautiful prose with amazing imagery.”

Monster Librarian “Quite an enchanting tale, weaving together ancient Biblical supernaturalism and dream theory, told in dreamy colorful language, with deft characterizations. Highly recommended.”


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8 responses to “Night Sea Journey

  1. I’ll let you know when I’ve read NSJ.


  2. Phew! IndieBookStore made it difficult but I now have a copy of “Night Sea Journey”. Looking forward to reading it (might be a little while – there are a few queuing). Thanks for posting your review to Goodreads and cheers for the comment about the cover. It was designed by my son and he always needs a measure of stroking 🙂


    • This is my first experience with selling on Indie Book store. Difficult, how? I would like to know so maybe they can fix the problem. Tx.


      • I created an account, but it wouldn’t let me select any books and kept sending me to a ‘not available’ page. Eventually, I logged out, gave it five minutes and re-logged in. It had forgotten that I’d ordered your book – nothing in the cart – so I re-entered it and it worked, finally. I don’t think I’ll be using them, but it could have been me, so if you have no problems with them…


      • Thanks, JD for the explanation on Best Indie Books. And thanks for the purchase!

        Hope we keep in touch.




  3. This sounds really interesting. It goes on my TBR list. Let me know if you do a KDP Select promo since I’m a tightwad!


    • Thanks, JD for the Tweets and follows and interest in Night Sea Journey. I was on KDP freebies during the first 3 months of launch in the fall and got 1300 downloads. But I can’t say it sparked any new sales; it’s all about getting readership anyway. Right now, the ebook is on sale at for 99 cents. Kindle or Nook formats.


      p.s. I posted my review of Northman on Goodreads. It already got a reply comment. Of course, your cover is quite attractive!



      • Phew! BestIndieBookstore made it difficult, but I now have my copy of “Night Sea Journey”. I look forward to reading it – it may be a little while, there’s a queue! Thanks for posting the review on Goodreads and for your comment about the cover. My son designed it and he occasionally needs a little stroking 🙂


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