Published Short Stories


Jasper Peacock (supernatural mystery)

Previously published at Coffin Bell Literary Magazine.

Jasper Peacock is an accused murderer. Ben Samm is a struggling art journalist who doesn’t believe in ghosts, haunted dimensions, or supernatural powers in art—until he meets the famous painter Jasper Peacock.


Wild Darkness (ghost story)

Previously published  at ParAbnormal Magazine, 2020.

The force of nature, force of death, force of consciousness. A short story of Agatha Ashfield who explores the spiritual realms of ghosts. Come meet Falling Water, the ghost beneath the hickory trees on Mohawk River.



Magic of the Loons  (magical realism)

Originally published by Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, Fall Issue 2014.

Jackson doesn’t know the legends of the loons. When the mists fade, when the mighty loons zoom across Achilles Lake, when the male loon seeks its mate, the romance begins. Jackson has a secret rendezvous with Kai, his Loon Woman. She calls him her ‘birdman.’ Their heated lovemaking on the cabin floor is interrupted by an intruder. Jackson doesn’t believe the loons’ calls can evoke magical powers, or that their great wings might bring him beyond his ordinary world. Listen for the hot laughing song of the loon. What mysteries lie in loon magic? Believe. A short story of passion, mystery, and magic—“fabulism.”

Magic of the Loons is available on,



Between the Darkness and the Dawn 

Originally published by Whistling Shade Literary Journal.

(Historical  supernatural ghost story at the Old Manse, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s home in Concord, Massachusetts).

Come visit the Old Manse. Does the ghost of the famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne stalk the front parlor of the Old Manse? Edward Fane, ley line hunter aims to find out. Armed with his EMF meters, Edward tests the Old Manse for ghosts that might be streaming the reported ley lines in historic Concord, Massachusetts. What Edward finds is more than just the ghost of Mr. Hawthorne. Edward finds a mysterious woman from Hawthorne’s yesterdays. In this supernatural mystery, more than just shadows exist between the darkness and the dawn.

Between the Darkness and the Dawn is available at,


BetweenDarknessDawn KDP


Hildie at the Ghost Shore (ghost story)

Originally published at Fiction365 .

We are in Old Belgium. Hildie the lace maker, mistress of Runecraft, knows the secret spells of the runes from the wind-god Odin. When a mysterious old sailor visits her attic workroom, he requests a reading. Hildie agrees. During the casting of the runes, Hildie conjures the Ship of the Dead, Loki the trickster, and flame-eyed ravens. Who will survive this adventure in a land beyond the ghost shore?

Hildie at the Ghost Shore is available at,





The Haunting of Jezebeth (supernatural mystery).

Originally published  at Twilight Times.

The power of witchcraft. The power of the Jezebeth Hills. Are there witches in your family? Deborah goes home to her family cottage by the Dunwich River and confronts the ghostly powers of the past who demand her surrender. What powers can she use to save herself? 

The Haunting of Jezebeth is available at,






Journals of Horror: Found Fiction (anthology released October 31, 2014)

My short story included in this anthology is Beyond Castle Frankenstein. This is a historical ghost story about Mary Shelley. Did you know that after Mary’s husband died (poet Percy Bysshe Shelley), she kept his  heart in a silk handkerchief for years? Read about in Beyond Castle Frankenstein.




Purchase Journals of Horror: Found Fiction on  $3.99. Kindle best seller!

Also Beyond Castle Frankenstein is a Kindle Single on



Abasteron House (supernatural mystery) originally published at Every Day Fiction (flash horror)  is the prequel to my novel Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the Supernatural.  Listen to the AUDIO FREE PODCAST, narrated by Folly Blaine. Click Link: 


ABHouse5Anew Image


SHORT STORIES Published in Literary Magazines

Wild Darkness, ParAbnormal Magazine, March 2020.

Jasper Peacock, Coffin Bell Literary Magazine, September 2019.

A Terrible Beauty, Unfading Daydream, November 2019.

The Haunting of Jezebeth, Twilight Times, 2017.

Beyond Castle Frankenstein (historical fiction Mary Shelley), published in anthology Journals of Horror: Found Fiction, Mystery Time, Editor Terry M. West, Pleasant Storm Entertainment, 2014.

Magic of the Loons, Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, 2014

Between the Darkness and the Dawn,(historical fiction Nathaniel Hawthorne) Whistling Shade Literary Journal, 2014

Abasteron House, Sirens Call Online Literary Magazine, reprint 2014.

Abasteron House, Every Day Fiction (flash fiction, literary) 2013.

Hildie at the Ghost Shore, Fiction365, 2013.

Bird White and Running,  SmokeLong Quarterly (flash fiction), 2012.

The Nature of Sisters, Every Day Fiction (flash fiction, literary), 2011.

Sip of the Moon, Human Writes Literary Journal, South Carolina.

Street Crimes,  Mystery Time Anthology, Idaho.

Christmas Day with the Jays, 1815 (historical fiction) appeared in The Record Review, New York.



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8 responses to “Published Short Stories

  1. I love the Victorian era ghost stories. Have over 100 anthologies

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jan Guerin

    I would like to subscribe to your blog


  3. Wowza! As a budding young writer your work, even your site alone amazes me! If you get the chance please check out my short story and poetry blog:

    I’m still in the re-drafting proccess of my first gothic/horror story, but I aim to get it up in the next few days.

    Thank you and again you’re amazing!
    LJVGrr x

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    • Hi LJ, Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comment. You blog is very well done. Great little art you’ve got going too. All the best to you. Keep reading and writing!


  4. Hi Edgar. I think short stories are coming back. 2013 was declared the Year of the Short Story. I see more collections and anthologies out there. I’ve always read short stories and love to write them. Capturing a snapshot of a character in a short form is challenging writing and it’s really good practice. People are reading flash fiction on their lunch hours! Kindle promotes this and it’s a great way to get people to read again. Thanks for your comments!


  5. Just got done reading ABASTERON HOUSE short story on Everyday Fiction
    Enjoyed it vivid description of Duma. Also like the repetition of the word ABASTERON very eerie. Also your piece on O Henry was fascinating. What brought about your interest in short story writing. Some of us are glad to see authors such as yourself putting it out there. They do seem to be coming back but also short stories sometimes don’t get the respect they deserve


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