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Author of the Week, Christian Picciolini, Jan. 25


AUTHOR OF THE WEEK    January 25, 2021


Christian Picciolini




“I am a former violent extremist, who as a young man spent almost a decade during the 1980s and ‘90s as a leader in the American white-supremacist movement. Since denouncing racism, I have dedicated my life to ensuring others don’t tread the same dark path I once held.”


“It was those people who chose to treat me with compassion, when I least deserved it, that had the most powerful transformative effect on me. Meeting on a fundamental human level is still the most powerful thing that I’ve seen break hate.”


Christian Picciolini is an award-winning television producer, a public speaker, author, peace advocate, and a former violent extremist. After leaving the hate movement he helped create during his youth in the 1980s and ’90s, he began the painstaking process of making amends and rebuilding his life. Christian went on to earn a degree in international relations from DePaul University and launched Goldmill Group, a counter-extremism consulting and digital media firm. In 2016, he won an Emmy Award for producing an anti-hate advertising campaign aimed at helping people disengage from extremism. Christian’s life since leaving the white-power movement over two decades ago has been dedicated to helping others overcome their own hate. He now leads the Free Radicals Project, a global extremism prevention and disengagement network.  Hachette Books.


Ted Talk


Read the interview at The Atlantic 2019  “A Reformed White Nationalist Says the Worst Is Yet to Come.”



NPR’s interview with Picciolini “Reformed Neo-Nazi Discusses President Trump’s Controversial Shared Retweet.”

“I think what President Trump is, is a megaphone,” Picciolini said. “It’s as if Trump kicked over a bucket of gasoline on all of those small fires that have existed for 400 years and created one large forest fire.”



Book Review from James Clapper, former US Director of National Intelligence, of Breaking Hate: “This riveting narrative portrays on an intensely personal level the impacts of extremism. Encouragingly, it also identifies a method for recovery. Picciolini’s experience and practice reinforce the truism that hate is a learned behavior, and it can be unlearned. Breaking Hate should be required reading for all citizens who care about dangerous behavior, want to understand it, and are committed to reducing it.”


NOTE: After reading Breaking Hate  (220 pages) in one day (it was that compelling), I found a far wider understanding of this white supremacy movement going on in America. I really didn’t fully see that the MAGA (Make America Great Again) campaign was, at the core, an effort to make America white again, essentially make America hate again. Picciolini says that “America was primed for the fires of violent extremism to ignite—and Donald Trump’s incendiary “American First” platform lit the fuse.”  There is a lot in this book to absorb and a lot to learn about WHY and HOW this is happening and what can be done to stop it. I am posting a full book review on Amazon, Goodreads, and separately here on this blog. If you really want  insights into the current racist dangers that threaten America, humanity, our democratic and moral values—especially after the January 6 attack on our Capitol—this is the book to read for 2021. A must-read for every American and every parent.




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Thursday Book Review: The Book of Angels


October 11, 2018

I’m adding a new series of posts to Reading Fiction Blog: THURSDAY BOOK REVIEWS.  Many of my blog followers here know I write book reviews on Amazon (170 reviews with 308 helpful votes) and Goodreads. This autumn I decided to start posting my reviews here on this blog once a month. Besides reading and writing fiction, I do a lot of nonfiction reading too.  Hope you like this addition! This week I reviewed The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets by Kaya Christiane Muller. If you read my novel Night Sea Journey, you know this supernatural mystery focuses on angels. And my short story Abasteron House too. So, of course, this nonfiction—and self-help book—drew my attention. I was completely absorbed.

“The Book of Angels, Hidden Secrets”
by Kaya Christiane Muller


We all know that truth can be elusive. Are angels truly real? Do they hear our prayers? Do they bring us messages we need? 77% of Americans believe in angels. Author Muller’s book is a comprehensive presentation about the tradition of angels, and the angels within us as part of our Divine nature. Muller makes no fairy tale here. She cites real life experiences and events.

We can discover our angels within ourselves as “States of Consciousness.” Historical origins are profound and explained, but more than that, Muller names 72 angels as Facets of the Creator. And each angel has a specific energy vibration that resides in every human being within this Field of Consciousness. Muller suggests that in order to work with your angels, you need to work within your own veil of unconsciousness. I found this approach to be amazing and mysterious. Invoking an angel as we inhale and exhale, invoking our questions, thoughts, intentions to an angel and ourselves. The Law of Resonance with these angles is powerful in attracting what we truly need to enhance our knowledge, love, freedom, and peace. The reader here can explore specific qualities of certain angels. For example, Angel Melahel has qualities of inner cleansing of emotions and can nourish the human spirit with love and hope.

“Angel Melahel confers a lot of calm upon us.” If a person tends to be fearful or struggling with emotional anxiety, this angel functions like a private therapist to soothe and stimulate stability.


There are 3 angels to help heal cancer: Omael, Habuhiah, Jabamiah. Do you wonder if you have a Guardian Angel? Muller says every person has 3 at birth: one for our physical body, one for our emotions, and one for our intellect. A beautifully written book, the story here is full of meditative thoughts, philosophy, and spirituality.  Angels are conscious entities who love us and will goodness for us all. I’ve read other books on angels, but Muller gives this one a quality that others do not have. Angels are more than our co-workers and our co-creators, they give us wings to understanding the synchronicity and signs that happen in our lives every day. This book is more like a journey into little miracles—well worth the read. Highly recommended.

After reading this book, it seems clear that if you believe in the power of love and goodness, you can believe in angels too.

“Angels are powerful thought forms that help to hold the world together.”

“Angels are the thoughts of God … thoughts of synthesis, connection, and repair. To call on the angels is to move our attention to a higher, more creative direction, to invoke the structures of a more enlightened worldview. They deliver the mind to profound understanding.”  Marianne Williamson, Illuminata


On Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Book-Angels-Dreams-Meditation-Secrets/dp/2923097548/

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