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In Memory of My Publisher Phil Martin

A Memorial …

Philip Martin

For those of you who know my novels, it is with deep regret that I write this memorial for my publisher Philip Martin of  Crickhollow Books, Great Lakes Literary, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He died on March 3, 2019. All three of my mysteries were published under Phil’s imprint  Crispin Books. He was a dear man with a love of literature, appreciation of good writing, and dedicated to discovering and promoting emerging authors. Just recently he celebrated ten successful years of his publishing company. His book How to Write Your Best Story is one of the most valuable books on my shelf. One of his best pieces of writing advice was not so much about writing as it was to letting the story stretch and to listen, “Listen to what the story needs.  Listen to what the characters need. Listen to what the readers need.”

Phil believed that stories connect us. He believed there was magic in storytelling and that storytelling helps to make us whole.  “Good storytelling is like a beautiful melody or an appealing fragrance.”

Phil discovered me on Linked In and contacted me in 2013 after reading my ghost story The Dazzling Darkness. He went on to publish Night Sea Journey and Greylock. He knew about my fourth novel and was anxious to hear about it, ever encouraging and supportive. Over the past six years,  I was among many writers he brought into his circle.  His legacy, his wisdom, will endure in all of  us.  Thank you, Phil for all you’ve done for me and for my stories. You made a tremendous difference in my life, my creativity, and my stories.

Philip Martin Obituary


Rest in peace.


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Crispin Books Releases GREYLOCK, Print Edition

Real books are on the rebound. Why? Comprehension and emotional engagement are higher for readers who are reading hard print on the page as compared to ebook readers tracking words across a lit screen. Publishers Weekly reported last year that print books are selling better than ebooks. But I still do love my Kindle.

So, for all you lovers (myself included) of the textural feel of paper-turning action while reading, for all you who savor the swishing of each page as you journey into a story, for all you who admire beautiful book covers on your tables and eye-catching spines on your bookshelves, I’m happy to announce that Crispin Books of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has just launched GREYLOCK in a trade softcover print edition.


“Greylock is a stunning mountain, the terrain rolling like a series of hunchbacks with secret clefts.

Makes one wonder what secrets are buried here.” Alexei Georg, Greylock.


On Amazon and Barnes & Noble

For booksellers, available at Ingram and Baker & Taylor Book Distributors.



“Echoing notes of Phantom of the Opera, mixed with Raymond Chandler’s Marlowe, and Peter Straub’s Ghost Story, Greylock is a thrilling musical tragedy steeped in lore, mythology, and the madness of composition, leading to a crescendo of epic proportions. Paula Cappa is a gifted author, and this book will have you swooning in the aisles.” —Richard Thomas, author of Disintegration.

“A smart, entertaining supernatural thriller. Think Stephen King meets Raymond Chandler with a score by Tchaikovsky. Briskly paced, this novel was a genuine pleasure to read.” —David Corbett, award-winning and best-selling author of The Mercy of the Night.

“If you’re looking for an imaginative, sophisticated read, you’ve found it. Five stars.” —Michael Schmicker, best-selling author of The Witch of Napoli.

“Rarely have I come across such an original and well-written story. A unique, expertly written mix of genres that makes for a haunting book.” —Nicholas Rossis, award-winning author of Pearseus.


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The Dazzling Darkness, Print Edition Now Available From Crispin Books

Reading a physical book has it pleasures, doesn’t it? I mean I love the old books with thick pages and sharp black typography that strikes your eye. The feel of the cover, the act of turning the pages and hearing that “swish” adds just a little bit of magic to the story.  I especially like living with books on my shelves, on windowsills, coffee table or nightstand, touching their spines as I recall favorite titles or authors. In their own way, their neat little bodies say, “I’m here.”

So, now that Crispin Books  (imprint of Crickhollow Books in Milwaukee, WI) has published The Dazzling Darkness in a trade paperback edition, I am totally thrilled.

The book cover still holds a mysterious catch to my eye no matter how many times I look at it; I will remind you that the design won Joel Friedlander’s Cover Award in May of this year. Cover Designer Gina Casey does all my book and short story covers. She is a rising star!


So many of you have sent personal messages and emails asking about print editions. For individual  orders, the soft cover is available at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble, and IndieBound.org. And of course through CrispinBooks.com. Wholesale trade orders at Ingram and Baker&Taylor (ISBN 978-1-883953-61-4).

I’m hoping that it will be on bookshop shelves soon. If you’d like your local library to carry The Dazzling Darkness, please encourage your Library Director or Reference Librarian to make a purchase through their vendors with the above ISBN. Or if you have a favorite Indie bookshop you prefer to support, they will likely order it for you to pickup.

Thank you all for your loyal support and enthusiasm for all my writing endeavors. Crispin Books will be publishing Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the Supernatural in trade paperback soon in 2014.

Both ebooks are still available for Kindle, Nook, and Ipad at $2.99.


“I’m Here!”


Gothic Readers Book Club Choice Award for Outstanding Fiction

“Fast-paced, sensually vivid novel with an uncommon take on Transcendentalism … and a stunning conclusion.”

Amy Belding Brown, author, Mr. Emerson’s Wife


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