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What’s a Music Phantom?

No short story this week. I’ve been finishing the editing on my supernatural novel Greylock, a  dark mystery with phantasms, murder, betrayal, and romance. And yep, you guessed it, this forthcoming novel is about the mysterious power of whale songs in the life of a Russian musician Alexei Georg. Do you believe in music phantoms?

Today, I  have something fascinating  about the  songs of whales.

Have you ever heard a whale sing? How about a whale duet? Biologist Katy Payne has been studying whale songs for years. When she saw spectograms of humpback whale calls, she began to notice their musical structure — what looked like melodies and rhythms. Want a listen?

Click  here:  “It Took A Musician’s Ear to Decode the Complex Song in Whale Calls,” posted on NPR web site.


In Greylock, Alexei seeks the songs of the beluga whales who live in the White Sea in Russia:



So, what is a music phantom?

Watch for more posts on the upcoming release of Greylock.

Bye for now!



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