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A Thin Ghost from M.R. James

Rats  by M.R. James (1919)

Tuesday’s Tale of Mystery    January 2, 2018

Literary horror often has a subtleness. It has the capacity to frighten but not be blunt or horrific. Feelings of dread, creepy moments, the unsettling air, an indistinguishable entity that can make you shudder are the fictional worlds that writer M.R. James is masterful—creating fear from images and language at its very best.  As a writer and a reader, I am partial to “quiet horror” so Monty James is one of my favorite go-to authors when I’m looking for a solid ghost story.

In our story Rats, Mr. Thomson is visiting Suffolk and staying at the local Inn. On his daily walks, he finds a strange ‘square block of white stone’ on the heath, Thetford Heath to be exact. And inside the Inn, across the hall from his room is a locked room, which he decides he must enter and explore.  In the room is an iron bed … and something moving under the covers.




Watch the trailer here for the short film, directed by Stephen Gray and starring Craig Malpass at YouTube.com :







Watch the film Rats (20 minutes) by The Horror Vault:


Read the short story (20-minute read) at Thin-ghost.org:


Listen to the audio read by Jarvis Cockers on YouTube.com :



For more ghost stories by M.R. James, visit  http://www.thin-ghost.org/

Don’t forget to view the INDEX above of more free reading. This is a compendium of over 200 short stories by more than 100 famous storytellers of mystery, supernatural, ghost stories,  suspense, crime, sci-fi, and ‘quiet horror.’ Follow or sign up to join me in reading two short stories every month. Comments are welcome.


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Of Rats and Men

The Graveyard Rats  by Henry Kuttner (1936)

Tuesday’s Tale of Terror   June 11, 2013

We are in witch-haunted Salem, in a most dark and neglected cemetery. Our host is Old Masson the caretaker. Rats! Rats! Rats! And of extraordinary size, scabrous, ragged whiskers, fanged with dull orange teeth and claws that … well, need I say more?

While greed is a pretty ugly characteristic in most fictional characters, our dear Old Masson’s greed is nothing compared to what these rats are capable of doing to the dead lying in their coffins. And when Old Masson finds this shoe, a shoe that … I can’t say anymore.

Want shivers? Want chills? How are you with subterranean evil?

The Graveyard Rats was Henry Kuttner’s first publication in 1936 in Weird Tales. His fame soared with The Secret of Kralitz, The Eater of Souls, The Salem Horror. Today Kuttner is a forgotten author of horror/sci-fi. He wrote under various pen names with his wife C.L. Moore. If you’re fond of Lovecraftian horror, this one has all the elements. Kuttner corresponded with Lovecraft about his stories, so the inspiration is first hand.

And after reading this tale of terror, if you still want more, The Salem Horror will satisfy your hunger for horror.

Read The Graveyard Rats at WikiSource:


Read The Salem Horror at  http://www.donaldcorrell.com/kuttner/shorror.html

Want audio? I love being read to. How about The Secret of Kralitz? (YouTube 18-minute narration) A haunted house, family curse, mad laughter,  and the chill gleam of evil.


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