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If Whales Could Be Ghosts

If whales could be ghosts.  

What would be their song?





We normally don’t think of whales as ghosts. But, why not?  Science theorizes that ghosts  might be remnants of the naturally occurring electromagnetic fields of the physical body. If there are parallel dimensions, and science cannot prove there isn’t, maybe whale ghosts can exist, and not just in fiction. This photo by Aftab Uzzaman caught my eye and inspired me to rethink the idea of whale ghosts./“One humpback blows mist. Another dips deeper. A lone gull hovers. I was there in this remote corner of Alaska to watch the drama unfold. It was a privilege. Life has been a privilege. People. Precious moments.” –Aftab Uzzaman.

Photo courtesy of Flicker, Creative Commons, by photographer Aftab Uzzaman “The Moment.”


Would you like to meet a beluga whale in the White Sea in Russia?  Click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0ZucGzWAh8   (22 seconds)


Many of you here know of my research going on the past few years: beluga whales, Russia, poems,  folklore,  history, a  bit of mythology, and classical music.  If  we mix  these elements with the mysterious supernatural, what kind of a story do you think would evolve? More posts to come on whales, music, and the supernatural. Meantime …


What do you think of whale ghosts?


(Image Creative Commons)


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