The Dazzling Darkness

ECA-Fiction-May-2013-plaqueGina Casey Award-Winning Book Designer!  Gina Casey won Joel Friedlander’s  Ebook Cover Design Award for Fiction,  May 2013. Many thanks to Gina Casey.




Bronze Medal, Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards, 2014


On Amazon Kindle Best Seller List for Ghost Stories, 17 Weeks

Do you believe in ghosts? Henry Brooke, five-years-old, is missing. In Old Willow Cemetery, Elias Hatch protects the secret power buried inside his cemetery, and he knows Henry has managed to get inside the locked gates. Who let him inside? Antonia Brooke and her husband Adam frantically search the woods and all of Concord to find their little boy. Is he lost? Has Henry been taken? Not until Detective Mike Balducci discovers the crystal sculpture buried in Old Willow, not until he discovers the apparitions hiding within the woods, not until he discovers the dazzling faces inside the darkened air, does he find the clues to what happened to little Henry Brooke in Concord, Massachusetts. This is a supernatural mystery about a family who confronts long-buried secrets of the dead. Do you believe in ghosts?


Gothic Readers Choice Award for Outstanding Fiction 2012.


There are dazzled faces in the darkened air … and their secret.



  Midwest Book Review 2014 ★★★★★

“Paula Cappa is a master of the metaphysical mystery genre. “The Dazzling Darkness” documents her as an extraordinary and original storyteller of the first rank. Very highly recommended, it should be noted that “The Dazzling Darkness” is also available in a Kindle edition. Also strongly recommended is Cappa’s previous metaphysical novel “Night Sea Journey: A Tale of the Supernatural.”


Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal Award for Supernatural Fiction, 2014

★★★★★ Review: “Beautiful and high standard writing style from start to finish. The pacing of the story is excellent. Cappa includes science, the afterlife, faith, mystery and even magic — it is a comprehensive supernatural fiction which will delight the readers.  The characters are very well-developed and it is evident that Paula Cappa gives enough attention to each of them. The settings have a tight descriptive element to easily let readers imagine each scene. The ending is perfect, where everything is tied up together flawlessly. All in all, a superb and classy supernatural novel. Readers will be both entertained and enlightened as well.”

TheDazzling Darkness_CMYK color profile_with medal-2Cappa


Gothic Readers Book Club Award Winner   2013 ★★★★★

GothicAwarddazzlingdarknesscappa_7final4Dazzling sums up Paula Cappa’s paranormal/supernatural novel. Set in Concord Massachusetts, the  spirits of transcendentalists Emerson, Thoreau, and Alcott wander the woods near an old cemetery. Elias Hatch, the cemetery keeper, is the last of the transcendentalists in our age. There are also secrets, guilt, and pain hidden among the old tombstones. The straightforward narrative is about a kidnapping, the clues, and a family suffering from their loss. Poetry’s woven among the plot to give the prose an elegance and grace that seduces you. The metaphorical elements bring a fascinating dimension to the supernatural elements.  If You Like: Algernon Blackwood, Henry James, Ralph Waldo Emerson.


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 .The trade paperback, published by Crispin Books.


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Be sure to visit Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Ghost: The Secret


2 responses to “The Dazzling Darkness

  1. Hi Paula,
    just to let you know that I have – at last, with some free time on a long UK train journey – finished reading ” Dazzling Darkness ” . I really enjoyed it – pacy, well plotted, well-written, highly atmospheric. Bram Stoker would have approved!

    All good wishes


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